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Upon initialization, the spinner markup container is displayed and the confirmation markup container is set to be invisible.

What I would do is Can you please provide some example code for point 3 above (for the file download I would use an ajax button or if nothing should be changed on your side a normal link that delivers an resource stream for your file )Sorry for this late answer.

When attached to a component, this behavior will cause the component to refresh continually (or until “stop()” is called), allowing the developer to implement lengthy operations within a new thread, which will be monitored by the on Before Render() method of the component.

Lets take a look at how this is implemented: For an example, lets say we have a process called Process Order that invokes a few services which may cause it to be lengthy.

We can create an “ajaxy” spinner to display while the Process Order is executing, and then once the operation is complete, a session flag will be set, and the panel will update its view.

The code above should be fairly straight forward, but I can expand on this if anyone would like more examples for further explanations.

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