White dating mexican

In my sister's family there is a powerful and strong bond of love and care.I admire and respect the challenges they have been put through with their daughter.The problem that many white men have with Mexican women is that they feel these women are more likely to be domineering in a relationship.They feel that the Mexican woman is going to command the relationship and ask the man to do everything according to the woman's will without any added control over anything. An Mexican woman who wants to date a white man should be sure that she lets him have some sense of control.In 2010, a Louisiana justice of the peace denied a marriage license to an interracial couple, citing a concern for their future children.Still, that’s not stopping some women from defying the odds.

I had never imagined myself with anyone other than my race. It seems they try harder and want to be more pleasing.:) My daughter is with a Mexican man and she has been with him several years.He has a son, and my daughter is helping to raise him. She told me Mom he is good to me, he treats me right, the way I want and need to be treated.With both my sister and daughter it was not about money, status, race, it was about who the person was and how they were loved and could give the love back. She actually prefers this type of man because she has been deeply hurt by boys/man of her own race. From the way I was raised and what I have witnessed in my family these two actually seem to be doing better than most ......I have been in 2 relationships and they were both of my same ethnic group.

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