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During the warmer months, sit on the patio and look across the St. While in Hudson, add to your agenda a trip to San Pedro Café for a Caribbean twist on meatloaf.Their Cuban Meatloaf consists of ground beef, ham, black beans, mixed peppers, smoked sweet corn, onion and Cuban spices, topped with black bean and mushroom cream sauce with Spanish corn and black bean salad with banana mashed potatoes.13.Put on your stretchy pants and join us in checking off some comfort food boxes.1.Chefusion in Green Bay offers a unique spin on your classic meatloaf recipe.It is the latest “craze” among teens and it’s popular in Wisconsin.According to research from Teen, over 70 percent of teens admit to sexting with their boyfriends or girlfriends.Their Gouda Mac & Cheese is made with elbow macaroni in smoked gouda cheese sauce.You may also want to have a taste of their Truffle & Parmesan Steak Fries – beer battered with shaved parmesan and white truffle oil. You’re not hard-pressed to find cheese curds in Wisconsin, but it’s always a treat finding unique spins on the beloved Wisco snack.

We’ve created a Wisconsin comfort food tour featuring some of the state’s most unique, farm-to-table and Instagram-worthy dishes that foodies will love.

Rye in Appleton has stout beer battered Goat Cheese Curds served with sriracha ketchup, not to mention their fresh, local and organic menu that changes daily to reflect the season and mood of the chef.4.

For those with a pasta weakness, Sebastian’s in Racine offers a Pumpkin Ravioli with sage butter sauce, parmesan, toasted pine nuts and roasted red pepper coulis.

Try their Red Eye Mac & Cheese Gratin, made with Carr Valley fontina, Sartori Sarvecchio parmesan, sharp cheddar, Nueske’s bacon, Sassy Cow cream, gemelli pasta and herb bread crumbs.9.

Chili, especially during the winter, is one of the most notorious comfort foods.

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