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This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, it’s just Thai culture.A bit of hand holding outside is tolerated but not much else, especially on the first few dates. Watch her body language carefully throughout the night and if your date rejects the kiss don’t force it.It might be normal in your country to see a couple making out in the corner, but in Thailand it’s very much frowned upon.It’s not uncommon for a Thai girl to shower you with affection in the privacy of your own home and refuse a simple kiss on the street.It all depends on the woman’s background – don’t take her to places she might feel uncomfortable or dislike.For example, a classy upper end Bangkok lady might prefer a fancy restaurant to a walking fair.

You could show up early but not too early as your date might be putting on her makeup or getting ready and Thai women very sensitive about their looks, especially on the first date.Continuing on the above, most Thais are very religious and have deep spiritual beliefs.Without going into too much detail, it’s never a good idea to touch a Thai person’s head, touch them with your feet or grab/gesture to anything with your feet.Avoid any unintended insult or avoid negative comments about country.If you’re not sure she’ll be offended by what you’re about to say, best not say anything.

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