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One tack toward improvement is the use of songwriting prompts, as Nashville, Tenn.-based songwriter Sarah Spencer points out in her recent Song Fancy blog post.

The process involves taking a topic, concept or phrase and building a song around it.

The event will start from Cycle Higher at Earl Street.

From there we will jump on the Queenstown Trail and ride in the park and along the lake in pairs, changing partners every few minutes.

Join us on Valentine's Day for Cycle Speed Dating and meet like-minded people, on your bike, offline.

A three-minute speed date is the perfect time to find out if you would like to see someone again.

So what happens at a Speed Dating For Songwriters event?

According to BMI, 12-15 participants gather and share their music with each other, form new collaborations, and provide instant feedback, all in a short amount of time.

"With this initiative, we have established a strong sense of community among our writers, fostering a thriving and supportive network of creatives.

BMI is cultivating the next great generation of music creators and by providing our writers with this unique resource, Speed Dating is a testament to that commitment." Read More: Grand Ole Opry Schedules Million In Renovations The phenomenon of songwriting has been called many things: a miracle, a muscle, a mystery, a calling, a challenge, and even a science.

While honing your command of the craft is a lifelong pursuit, there are some exercises that can advance you down the path toward being as ready as possible when inspirations strikes.

We take the classic speed dating concept, take our bikes out and add a few more bike twists.

You might meet someone who rings your bell or make some wheely nice new friends.

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