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We find that more and more English is creeping into our Polish ­ even in meetings at the institute." Some Polish workers in the UK report that the slang has become a secret language that infuriates older Poles back home who can't understand what they are saying.

"I would be very surprised if its spreads into classical Polish," she said."It is not broadly adopted yet, certainly not as much as English has changed other European languages." Back in London however, Ponglish is becoming almost second nature for some Poles.

Those more intellectually minded would probably go looking for smart girls in university libraries, and based on their reading decide on the best pick-up technique. Others would probably try the tested method of going to multiple parties – chances are you’ll meet singles there also looking for company or someone they can share their feelings or thoughts with.

This could include phrases such as the following: “Hi there, any chance I could check you out? This is probably one of the better ways of finding someone your age, with similar interests, and most likely known to the others who, if you like the person you meet, can disclose a little more background information on the type, so it is probably a more comfortable and safer situation if you do not want to end up with a total freak.

There people are already "szoping" (shopping) for clothes, such as a 'tiszert', or going for a 'drinkowac' at the pub, presumably with a 'lajtowy' or light, easy going person."English is being used more and more," said Aneta Prasal-Wisniewska, a specialist on Polish and British cultural links at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.

"It's connected to the rise of the internet and the fact that people are travelling so much more." "There are some small Polish towns and cities where huge groups left to go the UK, now when they meet up together back in Poland it's no surprise if they use slang with English words," she said.

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