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The limits are defined by someone and their zucchini or zucchinis, and them alone.

Note: People do not have to be queer to be in a queerplatonic relationship, which is why it is also called a quasiplatonic relationship.

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It is very funny later when Cheyenne tries to keep someone from buying all of what she wants.This week, Cloud 9 goes through a rebranding with their in-store brand. S2E11 "Rebranding" At the beginning of the episode, it is announced that Cloud 9's store brand will be changing from Halo to Super Cloud.The employees are not excited about this, and it is very funny when Jonah asks how it is different, and Jeff doesn't have a response.Jonah talks to someone in the store who wants the Halo product, which is a hilarious scene, as he talks about his break up.Then, the person wants to rub the toilet paper on Jonah's stomach to show him what it feels like.

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