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“They had the poems framed and gave them to us on our wedding day.

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“That’s when I realized we were heading back to our college campus." Once on the Miami campus, Ryan brought Cate to a dam overlooking a creek near the spot where they’d first decided to start dating, and proposed.

“I loved the way it swooshed when I moved, and that it wasn’t traditional white.”Her sister and maid of honor donned a complementary gown, a black lace dress with a nude layer of tulle underneath.“The easiest part of planning our wedding was showing up and getting married,” reveals Cate.

“We committed to having an easy day, and told our planners and parents that, no matter what went wrong, we didn’t want to know!

“Ryan is obsessed with geography, so he created a hand-drawn map to use for our invitations.

You can see the distance between where we live, where our wedding venue is, and the fact that it’s a peaceful retreat that’s so close to the craziness of everyday life,” says Cate.

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