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Rape and torture are now part of the battlefield strategy of many conflicts, 'true believers' of all major religions subjugate 'their' women, in parts of the world wives and daughters are sold into bondage/slavery to settle debts.

On the scale of Violence against Women scale, western media depictions are at the bottom. Violence against men doesn't rate a mention because we're only getting what we evil creatures deserve... or maybe it's a conspiracy by them to take over the marketplace.

That's why I've gone back to the written word that leaves nothing... Reading what I've written on one screen while watching ZFX on another is my version of multi-tasking heaven. Anyway, I have noticed the guys on the show have a real fondness for A Clockwork Orange.

One of the regulars on the show, Kenny Hotz, often impersonates the crazy Mr.

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I know you, and many others, are fans of the classic "Clockwork Orange" but have you seen Scat Work Orange starring Simon Thaur from Innovative Productions that takes the movie to new, very dirty extremes?

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It reproduces and analyzes the effectiveness of each method of torture and execution.

It's quite well done and shows that some of the historical methods perhaps weren't as effective for torture as recorded.

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