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Responding to such accusations, he aggressively defended his business and said that checks have been performed to eliminate potential prostitute users on his platforms.

He insisted that prostitutes and escorts are not allowed on his sites, and claimed that he has the relevant software and a large team of administrators in place to ensure that users abide by this policy.

Vice’s video featuring Brandon Wade immediately went viral right after it was released.

It was controversial to say the least, and reactions to it were mostly critical, with majority slamming the idea of a sugar daddy dating website and how it’s promoting materialism.

You have your sexual needs and wants, and the website provides a service to keep the family together.

Commenting further on this, Brandon simply describes sugar daddies as rich boyfriends.In a separate interview with the Wall Street Journal, Brandon reasoned that “because there is chemistry involved in these relationships, it’s not a one-time exchange of money for sex.” Most people who meet on the site don’t have sex on the first date.After a relationship forms, sex becomes part of the relationship.Upon graduation in 1995, Brandon moved to New York City to work for a management consulting firm, before joining General Electric Power Systems, where he managed the IT infrastructure.After leaving GE and failing to start a business that specialised in targeted Internet ads, he decided to try his hand at dating websites.

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