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Backstage, the grizzled road crew of the day's other musical guest, prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria, is unimpressed. "I'm horribly uncomfortable with being the frontman," Stump says, looking horribly uncomfortable as he sits Indian-style on a leather couch.

His endearing look combines mutton-chop sideburns, thick glasses, an ever-present hat and a slight paunch.

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Eight days earlier and 3,000 miles away, a chorus of high-pitched voices screams "Pete!

It's not like he doesn't enjoy that—god, he does—but he's also starting to think that now is time to give Joe a little taste of what it's like. Andy and Patrick get back from what was supposed to be a short gas station stop during a thunder storm.

Joe Trohman, the guitarist for world renowned rock band Fall Out Boy, has become a father for the first time.

Until the artist with troubled brown eyes shows up. They could all have been at home with their loved ones, taken alongside them. It quickly becomes apparent that the whole planet's population has been decimated.

Fic by rosiedoesfic | Music mix by heartofthesunrise Joe didn't even want to take the scenic route home from Las Vegas, but Pete never listens, so they're in Death Valley when the ships pass overhead. All population centres have been stripped of every human inhabitant - there are no bodies, no destruction aside from the fires that burn from kitchens left unattended and cars suddenly driverless in the streets - everyone is just gone.

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