Is daniel henney dating zhu zhu

On the contrary, he let us in on a little secret: “You won’t get a lot of male actors admitting this to you, but I do enjoy doing romantic comedies because they’re a lot of fun,” Henney shared.

“With action movies, sometimes it can get pretty heavy.

He tells me that he tries to visit his parents as often as he can and that he still thinks that northern Michigan has the most beautiful scenery in the world.

And when we discuss the reasons for his active involvement with his fans through Q&A sessions and contests on social media platforms, he tells me this: “I think it’s important for the fans to feel like they have a connection to you.

Seven years ago, Henney once worked briefly with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi in an advertisement.

But just when his world is falling apart, will Sam find more than he bargained for in the place he least expected?

I think it’s good for my soul.” Because he works in two different markets, he admits that things can get pretty overwhelming at times.

The day before the interview, he worked 27 hours straight for an upcoming action movie, , due in Korea next summer.

An upcoming film "Shanghai Calling" stars Korean American Daniel Henney and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, reports.

It's an urban romance comedy about a lawyer and his female assistant.

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