Intimidating things to say in a fight

Both fights were in Summerlin's hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

On September 7, 1954, Liston was boxing his eighth fight when suffered defeat for the first time, losing to Marty Marshall, a journeyman with an awkward style.

Liston boxed in an International Golden Gloves competition at Kiel Auditorium in St.

Louis on June 23, and knocked out Hermann Schreibauer of West Germany at of the first round.

The Ring magazine ranks Liston as the seventh greatest heavyweight of all time, while the respected boxing writer Herb Goldman ranked him second.

Early in his career, Liston faced capable opponents.

On April 21, 1955, Liston defeated Marshall in a rematch, dropping him four times en route to a sixth-round knockout.

They had a rubber match on March 6, 1956, which Liston won by a lopsided ten-round unanimous decision.

Sonny thrashed the pecans from his brother-in-law's tree and sold them in Forrest City. Liston turned to crime and led a gang of toughs who committed muggings and armed robberies. Louis police as the "Yellow Shirt Bandit", due to the shirt he wore during robberies. Stevens organized a sparring session with a professional heavyweight named Thurman Wilson to showcase Liston's potential. "Better get me out of this ring, he is going to kill me! After Liston was released from prison on October 31, 1952, he had a brief amateur career that spanned less than a year.

Liston captured the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions on March 6, 1953, with a victory over 1952 Olympic Heavyweight Champion Ed Sanders.

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