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We even provide scripts to help improve your chances of securing a discount.Find out more: haggling - learn how you could save around £500 a year Expenses such as car insurance premiums, line rental or gym membership fees can often be cheaper if you pay them annually instead of monthly.You could save a bundle by ensuring you have enough money stored away to pay these annual bills in one go.Also, there are plenty of products that tend to cost less at certain times of the year.Take a couple of minutes to check your bills to make sure that your call, text and mobile web usage aren't consistently above, or a long way below, your allowance.If they are, you may benefit from asking for a more suitable deal from your provider.Many cards also offer one-off deals or discounts in order to tempt you into signing up in the first place.Find out more: loyalty cards - we review some of the UK's most commonly used loyalty schemes If you don't regularly read your bank statement, it can be easy to miss direct debits that you have forgotten to cancel.

Find out more: personal finance software reviews - find out which packages fared best in our tests Which?Many packages allow you to set savings goals, and some will even suggest a clear path towards hitting them.Others can highlight your spending habits in detailed reports, as well as letting you monitor all of your bank accounts and investments in real time.Find out more: 30 ways to save on tax - this guide covers the obscure tax reliefs you need to know about Price comparison websites let you compare hundreds of financial products and ensure you choose the best one for your circumstances.Whether you're looking to buy car insurance, credit cards or a broadband bundle, there is normally a huge difference between the cheapest and most expensive providers, so it's worth browsing for the best offers on these websites. Money Compare tables go beyond just comparing rates.

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