David andersen jewelry dating

Just Andersen started making jewellery In his own workshop in 1918, having received a kickstart from Mogens Ballin with a 3 year project to decorate an altar in Copenhagen.He produced beautiful figural sculptures in gold as pieces of jewellery, but they were of course very expensive, and so he also started working in silver and pewter and "Disko", an alloy which he discovered himself.The other is decorated with traditional floral cloisonné enameling and rests on lion-form feet.

Karen Strand, Arje Griegst and Jane Wiberg were all apprentices in the post-war period. (Source: Vibeke Marssoe) Volmer Bahner was Denmark's best known specialist enamel company, and was registered from 1962 to 1988.Today, David-Andersen (the company’s name since the early 20th century) is practically synonymous with mid-century enameled silver jewelry.While embracing contemporary design aesthetics, David-Andersen silver drew on a long tradition of enamel work, both at the company and in Scandinavia.The October 5, 2013 European Furniture & Decorative Arts auction features Fine Silver, including these two Andersen salts that are typical of the company’s early production.One features a raised amethyst-colored basse-taille enameled bowl framed by pierced green plique-a-jour enameled leaves.

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