Dating vintage ties

Many of the imperial legionaries have these decorated scarves tucked into their cast armor whereas others simply have them tied, reminiscent of the American Frontier.

As such, it seems that scarves were not worn by the general public but only by soldiers as a badge of honor.

Even some Indios of certain tribes in the Amazon and Aborigines in Oceania wear very little clothing but neckwear.

While it’s impossible to establish the specific time that modern man began to wrap knotted fabric around his neck, it is evident that neckwear has a tradition on a global scale and not just in the Americas and Europe.

What became known as “the tie” approximately three hundred years ago has been in existence for thousands of years, dating as far back as the dawn of human existence.

Fashion experts, sociologists and other professionals have been contemplating the tie for years and how it has somehow become the pinnacle of business attire.

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So more than 300 years before Trajan’s legionaries wore scarves the Chinese had already used neckwear and, therefore, we know the Romans were not the first ones to wear a scarf.

In the wake of the upheavals of the Thirty Years War, Europe introduced the necktie as we know it today.

While the tie’s predecessor, the scarf, was notably present before the war, it is still difficult to build a timeline and determine the exact history and progression of the necktie.

So obviously, Croats were on both sides of the battlefield.

As such, it is unclear if the French or the Germans were the first to adopt it.

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