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Injectable suspensions may also be prepared in which case appropriate liquid carriers, suspending agents and the like may be employed.[00611 Oflier compositions useful in the practice of the subject invention include salves, cosmetics, ointments, and the like.Carbamazepine (Tegretol) has been reported to be usefiil for the treatment of patients experiencing sudden confusion and depression. [0042] In one embodiment, Xi is oxygen and both R2 and R3 and R4 and R5 together are methylenedioxy groups of the formula wherein Re and R? Rie and Rn are the same or different and are selected from hydrogen or lower alkyl, whereas when X2 is sulfur one of R16 and Rn is oxygen and the other is a lone pair of electrons or both Rie and Rn are oxygen.Within weeks of initiating treatment, the patients experienced fewer mcidences of sudden confiision BNSDOCIO: wo 02/43731 PCT/USOl/44923 3 and depression, and an increacp rauowmg teataenl with carbamazepioe (Tem Ml . are both hydrogen, both alkyl or combine to fonn a spiro cyclopentyl or cyclohexyl ring, in particularly where R^ and R7 are both alkyl such as methyl. [00521 For compounds of formula m, the term alkyl includes straight and branched chains.wbch ,s hereby mcoxporated by reference herein in its entiretv mcludmg any figures, tables, or drawings. aboahpopro Kinemia, Machado-Joseph disease »,d apasnc parapa^^is; (2) Mo™«„, ais»ie,s such as J„. "on , y jyeurol Neurosurg Psychiatrv 6-641 POOm Inq)rovement in verbal fluenov i • I^UOO). Copies of this patent or patent application publication, with color drawing(s), will be provided by the Office upon request and payment of the necessary fee. BNSDOCIO: wo 02/43731 - PCT/USOl/44923 10 formulas I-V are incorporated into bioadhesive compositions useful in wound closure.^' Background nf th^ T^ypnfinn disorder manifest ftemselves =arly i, life ,«ii„. Halletvorden-Spae disease- 0.dron,es ' ^ owonnrtirv *^Arn WO 0^/43731 " PCT/USOl/44923 2 [0004] In addition to ttiose diseases that have a recognizable pattern of inheritance, there are many oflier neurological disorders that seem to have, in some cases, a familial basis. [0019] Figures 1, 3, 5, and 7 depict the efficiency ratios of patients treated with topiramate as measured by the Delay Task of the Gordon Diagnostic. [0024] Figures 13 A-B: Photographs of primary SIB lesions. In yet anotlier embodiment, therapeutically effective amounts compositions comprising the compounds of formulas I-V are administered orally.CI Br and I or trifluoromethyl and alkyl groups containing 1 to 3 carbon atoms when Y alone is attached' to the benzene ring; when X„ which may be S or O. Y is selected from the group consistmgoftrifluoromethyl and alkyl groups containing 1 to 3 carbon atoms. identical or different, each may form a 3 to 7-membered aliphatic cyclic compound together with another nitrogen atom or oxygen atom. /43731 , PCT/USOl/44923 16 [0057] Compositions useful in the practice of this invention comprise one or more of the compounds of formulas I-V admixed with a pharmaceutical carrier.

[0008] There are no reports in the literature of topiramate specifically used to treat deficits in attention and concentration. There are also reports in the literature of divalproex being effective for explosive mood and mood lability (Donovan, S. [0041] When Xi is CH2, R4 and R5 may combine to form a benzene ring fused to the 6-membered Xi-containing ring, z.e, R4 and R5 are defined by the alkatrienyl group =CH— CH=CH— CH=. Re and R7 are hydrogen, Rg and R9 are methyl, Rjo is hydroxy! [0050] Another compound useful in the practice of the invention is described in Formula III: wherein R12 and R13 are the same or different and are selected from any of hydrogen, alkyl (C, to Ce). [0051] X2 may be chosen from carbon (C) or sulfur (S), with the stipulation that when X2 is carbon.

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(12) INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION PUBLISHED UNDER THE PATENT COOPERATION TREATY (PCT) (19) World Intellectual Property Organization Intcmaiional Bureau (43) International Publication Date 6 June 2002 () PCT Illllllliiffltt Ullliliiliiiliii (10) International Publication Number wo 02/43731 A2 (51) international Patent Classification^: A6I K 31/35, 31/18 (21) International Application Number: PCI /U SO 1/44923 (22) International Filing Date: 30 November 2001 (30.1 1.2001) (25) Filing Language: (26) Publication Language: English English (30) Priority Data: 60/250,113 30 November 2000 (30. SG, SI, SK, SL, TJ, TM, TR, TT, TZ, UA, UG, US, UZ, VN, YU, ZA, ZM, ZW.

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