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The basic health insurance package has also been expanded slightly and now includes: New medication for treating hepatitis C, breast cancer and obstipation 12 physiotherapy treatments for patients with arthritis of the knee In addition, the healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) for people with low incomes will probably increase slightly to compensate for the higher insurance premiums. Selecting an insurance provider (in Dutch: zorgverzekering vergelijken) can be difficult, as a lot of information on the insurer’s website is presented in Dutch and there are so many policies to choose from.

Zorg is the first insurance broker that offers a fully functioning English comparison tool, allowing you to find the most suitable and affordable health plan for yourself and your family. If you do decide to change insurance company, make sure you do it before January 1.

Your new insurer will automatically cancel your old policy, so that is one other thing you won't have to take care of.

By the way, if you have recently moved to the Netherlands, you will need to take out Dutch health insurance as well.

Buying can be interesting if you plan a longer stay, say more than three to five years.

Time is your friend when it comes to buying a home.

For example, sellers are required to notify you of any known defects such as leaking roofs, rotten floors or noisy neighbours.

If the sellers don’t do this, they can be held responsible.

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