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The name of both station and chapel is 'Onze lieve vrouwe ter nood' or 'Our Lady to Need'; the station was known as Runxputte until 1914.

One of the platforms was demolished in 1997 for safety reasons.

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When we analyse your web site's codes, we determined that you didn't use a sitemap.The chapel was destroyed during the Reformation, however the pilgrimage started to flourish again when in the seventeenth century a source with miraculous water started to sprout.The Marian sanctuary, situated outside the village in a so called procession park, is one of the major pilgrimage destinations in the Netherlands, attracting pilgrims mainly from the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam.Enkhuizen was one of the harbour-towns of the VOC, just like Hoorn and Amsterdam, from where overseas trade with the East Indies was conducted. In the mid-17th century, Enkhuizen was at the peak of its power and was one of the most important harbour cities in the Netherlands.However, due to a variety of reasons, notably the silting up of the harbours, Enkhuizen lost its position to Amsterdam.

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