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What really interested him were the implications of sexuality—for friendship, marriage, politics, intellect, social behavior, power; its implications for something beyond itself.

And just at this point of Lawrence’s deepest interest, the novel is most ambiguous.

Its released caused a scandal due to its explicit sex scenes, including previously banned four-letter words, and because the lovers were a working-class male and an aristocratic female....

Laurence’s novel was first privately published in Florence in 1928, and it was not until 1960 that it was available in England.

There is no doubt that a specific quality of tender responsive life is evoked in the love of Connie and Mellors, and that Clifford’s paralysis is implied in his cold sophisticated brutality.

Tenderness, brutality and paralysis, manhood, womanhood, loyalty, response, passion, industrialism, nature and civilization, intellect, urban life, political organization, destruction, how to live—these themes still solicit our attention, speak to us, relate to our lives.Obviously, what the novel suggests here is the fragility of new response, its imminence, the uncertainty of its course.This is a profound suggestion, because response fragile, delicate, tender, uncertain; it can too easily be drugged or stopped or institutionalized by all the forms of organized psychic and social resistance.So her physician prescribes the open air, and she finds a friendship with Parkin, the estate's gamekeeper.The rhythms of nature awaken Constance and soon she and Parkin become lovers.

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