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O'Connor was in the area during the War on Poverty gathering images for a film and was killed by landowner Hobart Ison.

Barret turns the story of this tragic confrontation into an interrogation of the media itself and its relationship to public knowledge and private dignity as well as a meditation on Appalachia's place in the American imagination.

Mia Lidofsky has an impressive roster of mentors for having just helmed her first episodic series: After interning for Nicole Holofcener and John Cameron Mitchell early in her career, Lidofsky assisted Jesse Peretz on shows such as “New Girl,” “Nurse Jackie,” and two seasons of “Girls.” “Working for [Peretz] was my film school,” Lidofsky said of her de facto mentor, who is an executive producer on her “Strangers.” The seven-episode series follows a young woman living in Los Angeles who rents out her extra room on Airbnb.

It is the latest IP camera manufactured by Foscam and used as a baby monitor that has gone viral because of a security breach.“I’m a gay woman, and I wanted to create a story that represented my community and my understanding of sexuality, identity, love and human connection.I wanted to create a show that opened up the dialogue around sexuality in what I hope is an honest and genuine way,” she said.As Isobel (Zoe Chao) struggles to make sense of her shifting sexuality, an eccentric cast of characters rotate through her house, bringing both inconveniences and unexpected wisdom.“Airbnb became the perfect vehicle me to explore and to tell stories of people in their most vulnerable, chaotic, transient states,” Lidofsky said.

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