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It was very much a university thing, just a regular university romance.” They discussed plays and literature, and Carley told William all about her home life in Devon.Other evenings they would enjoy pints of cider at the Castle pub, on North Street, and play board games or enjoy dinner parties with their friends. Andrews, so we tended to go to pubs and bars, and there was always a good dinner party going on,” recalled Carley.If William had a scheduling conflict, Kate would take notes for him, and at the end of the day they would catch up over a drink in the common room, where the floor-to-ceiling Georgian windows looked onto the tidy gardens.When it came to socializing, William kept a low profile.

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“William was very taken with her, which was completely understandable.Health-conscious like his father, William would choose muesli and fruit, as did Kate. Kate was a country girl who loved playing sports and was a keen swimmer, like William.She was also a good skier and, just like William, had enjoyed a gap year traveling around the world before going to St. Kate had spent several months in Florence, and she chatted with William about the Renaissance artists they would soon be studying and the courses they planned to take.Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, 50 miles north of Edinburgh.His father, his uncle Edward, and his great-grandfather King George VI had all attended Cambridge, but the four-year history-of-art course at St.

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