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Owen's road manager was setting up a merch table in the back of the club’s cramped lobby where Owen would sell “Black Girls Rock! Mixing good cheer and a touch of self-deprecation, Owen told tales about his wife, who is black, his children, and that familiar comedic fallback, sex.

One had him at basketball star Dwyane Wade’s wedding a few months earlier, and standing at the urinal next to Le Bron James, unable to resist sneaking a glimpse.

Somewhere a man grunted, a guttural question mark that sounded slightly menacing.

Not even a month had passed since decades' worth of sexual assault allegations against America’s most important African-American comic began resurfacing.

“They don’t call him the king for nothing,” Owen chirped.

As a topic for humor, Bill Cosby felt like something else altogether, and a queasy tension sizzled across the room as Owen spoke his name.

Everyone's favourite phallic emoticon is having a second coming (ahem) with the aubergine emoji spawning a new dawn in sex protection.

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“I don’t know anyone who gets shot doesn’t have a gun then decides to come back towards someone who just shot them.” The post, and a follow-up, generated fierce pushback.“Yea he has a Black wife and stars in a lot of Black Films but at the end of the day, he wasn’t raised Black,” one commenter wrote. Black people are ur only fans ur about to lose them all.” And a third: “Stay in yo lane.”At 41, Owen is unquestionably successful.

It seemed far too soon for a blond, blue-eyed comic from the Midwest to mock a cultural icon in front of 300 black people in the heart of the Chocolate City. You’ve got six months to live unless you want to fuck Bill Cosby.

But it turned out to be a carefully calibrated head-fake: Owen’s bit wasn’t about race at all. Then you’re good.” He had made, essentially, a rape joke.

Just 12 days earlier, a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, declined to indict the white cop who killed Michael Brown.

Three days before the show, another grand jury elected not to charge a white NYPD patrolman in the choking death of Eric Garner.

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