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If you shot a picture, a timer icon appears there instead, allowing you to set the duration that your photo will be on screen.Snaps can only be up to 10 seconds long, whether it’s a video or a photo.These filters aren’t obvious, but they’re a great way to give life to your boring adult snaps.

(I’m not even 40, and I’m one of them.) To the hip kids who have grown up with the four-year-old short video sharing app: It is with regrets that admittedly I may even incorrectly explain some of how this service—with its myriad of odd features—works. A social network where people share photos and short videos for just 24 hours, Snapchat is the answer to the Internet’s problem of never forgetting.

if you have any questions at all, please go ahead and send me a message here!

i’m super excited to get this started/read all the applications and i really hope you are too!!!

(You can also swipe left one more time for the “Discover” screen, which displays stories by media entities like ESPN, CNN, and People, also a Time Inc.

publication.) Sure, there are also buttons you can press to reach these screens (the bottom-left square for your chats, the top-center ghost for your account, and the bottom-right hamburger menu for your stories), but kids these days swipe their Snapchat like it’s Tinder—another app you’re probably too old to be using.

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